About Us

We are a different company for your general computer, information technology needs. We are a full service company that can assist you in supporting your computer needs, give you direction on company needs and general home user help. We can support most too all computer systems, tablet, and phones for home users. Small Business/Corporations/Non-Profit networks and enterprise networks we have great range of support levels as well for servers, desktop, laptops, and many of the Windows Applications that run on these products. (Full list of products we support Click here)

My name is Nicholas Orlando (www.NicholasOrlando.info) the man behind www.YourTechnology.support Company, which is a subsidiary of The Orlando Consulting Firm (www.OrlandocunsultingFirm.com). Which is full Information technology service consulting service for the Home user to the full enterprise corporation. The reason this company is coming into fruition now is that most computer users from beginner to expert have always needed support and professional courtesy on getting there systems fixed from a virus removal to an application update that does not work or general I need help with my program. When you take into stores like Best Buy and Tiger Direct, who may have some good knowledge, but when it comes to fixing things I have had help people beyond their level. I am a man who believes in recovering user data before rebuilding the computer operating systems (Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, etc…) and many others don’t take the time to do that. I want to build this company where it will grow, I can bring on a staff, help people excel in what they need to do for their personal or business career.

The experience we bring to the market place has been built over the last 25 years, not counting our teen years when we first got into systems, that where a lot more simpler to use back then too. We want you as a customer to know that if we can fix the problem we will fix it. If we are unable to fix the problem we will find the resources that are able to fix your the issue.

Most of our work can be done remotely, unless your computer is completely down and not able to turn on. We will travel trough out Chicagoland area, if needed to travel to other area’s there will be additional travel expenses that will be charge.